#FrayLife Tribe

You’re Invited

Join us this September to close out the summer in style. Connect, create, and reset with 200 of your new best friends in the woods of beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Unplug for three days of fun, relaxation and adventure… Just like summer camp!

We’re inviting members of the #FrayLife Tribe exclusively, with only a limited number of tickets.

Choose a ticket option below and secure your place today.

Standard Ticket $500

  • All-Inclusive Summer Camp Getaway Sept. 14th-16th
  • Chef-Prepared Meals, With Vegetarian, Vegan, and Healthy Options
  • Rustic Cabin & Bunk Beds
  • Packed Schedule of Team & Individual Sports, Group Adventures, and Restorative Practices
  • Endless Options for Unstructured Rest, Relax, And Reset Time
  • Access To The Pool, Game Fields & Courts, The Beach, And Hiking Trails
  • #FrayLife Camp T-Shirt
  • Challenge Yourself, Make Connections For Life, Reset…And Create FUN
  • Early Check-In Available (Thurs, 9/13, XPM)
Reserve Your Bunk

15% Off Group Rates Available. Contact Us To Reserve 5 Or More Tickets At A Time.

How Are You Getting To #FrayLife Summer Camp

I’m driving, so I need a parking pass. +$50

I’d like to reserve a space on the private shuttle  – Rosslyn stop (Continental Bar) +$85

I’d like to reserve a space on the private shuttle – Reston stop (Wiehle-Reston East station) +$85

I’m getting dropped off, so I don’t need a parking pass nor a spot on the shuttle. +$0

Please save me a bedding pack to rent (linens, blanket, pillow) +$49


When is check-in and check-out?


Official check-in is Friday morning, Sept. 14th.  Just make sure you’re here by 10:00 AM when the festivities begin.  Our final camp-wide activities will wrap up in the early afternoon on Sunday, with the final check-out time at 3:00 PM.


What’s the age range? Will I fit in?


All adults are welcome, almost.  You must be over 21 to attend FrayLife Summer Camp.  Most of our guests are in their mid-20s to mid-30s. Everyone who attends camp can expect to leave a bit younger at heart :).


Will I bond with people?


We think so. From non-cheesy icebreakers we’ve got planned, the group bunks, and meal times – you’ll have lots of opportunities to make new connections and see who you vibe with.

Will I have downtime? Will there be time to relax?


Of course – all activities and entertainment are 100% optional.  Once you’re here, you’ll have the freedom to create the summer camp magic that’s right for you. Participate as much, or little, as you’d like.  We imagine there will be plenty of people hanging out by the pool or the beach, and on the trails all weekend. So if you want to grab a book and relax for an hour or two, that sounds wonderful to us.  

What’s the food like?  Are there veg-friendly options?


Not typical camp fare. We have an executive chef to prepare all the meals fresh, with menus custom created for our group. That means vegetarian, vegan, and healthy options.

Will be there be snacks and water available between meals?


We’ve got you covered here.  We’ll have a classic summer-style cantina stocked full of your favorite childhood snacks. Have a super special snack food you love? Feel free to pack your own munchies too.


What kind of room? Where will I be sleeping?


We have rustic, comfortable, wooden cabins with 10-12 beds (bunks). Cabins have porches, ceiling fans, and are all in close proximity to other cabins in their village. All main camp cabins are equipped with bathrooms and showers as well.


How will you be assigning bunks?  Will I have to sleep with strangers?

Part of the fun of summer camp is meeting—and bonding—with your bunkmates, isn’t it?  So yes, you’ll have the option to bunk with strangers – or as we call them, “new friends”! We’ll be splitting our bunks up so women go with the women and men go with the men.


 Other than that, we’ll be using our own magical intuitive powers to set you up with your perfect bunkmates.

I’m not sure if I want to drive and park, or take the private shuttle. Can you tell me more about the shuttle?


We think it’s the way to start the camp experience off the right way – with games, icebreakers, camp songs and more led by the Fraylife Camp Counselors.  


We’ll be leaving from Continental Bar next to Rosslyn Metro station at 7:00am, and from Wiehle-Reston East Station at 7:30am on Friday, September 14th.


On the way back Sunday, we’ll drop people off at Wiehle-Reston East at approximately 5:00pm and at Continental Bar at approximately 5:30pm.  A return trip costs $85


How many people?


We thought about this… And we’re striking a balance.  We wanted to allow in enough people to create summer camp magic moments, to surround you with tons of opportunity to make new friends, and fill up all the sports teams.  On the other hand, we want to steer clear of the music festival vibe and keep it intimate. So we’ll be capping enrollment at 220 people this year.


I’ve heard of adult summer camps that are like giant frat parties.  Is FrayLife Summer Camp like that?


We’re all about energizing fun, challenging yourself, making new connections, being yourself, and play.  We’ll be serving drinks at a few select camp events and locations. However, we encourage you to use your discretion and not overdo it.  And no — the vibe is NOT “frat party in the woods.”


What else do I have to pay for? What does admission cover and not cover?

We’ll have snacks available between meals and #FrayLife swag available, if you want it.  Everything else is paid for when you reserve your ticket.


Is FrayLife Summer Camp good for groups?


We like to think about it both ways:   We know weekend getaways are the most magical with your best friends – AND summer camp is the perfect place to make NEW best friends.  We have 15% Off group rates available if you’re ready to reserve 5 or more tickets. Contact us here for details.

What if the weather is bad?  Is camp canceled?

Absolutely not!  We’ve got a whole menu of indoor and all-weather activities planned.  We wouldn’t let a little bit of rain ruin our weekend, would you?


What’s the refund policy?


To create the best experience all around for everyone, there’s a TON of behind-the-scenes planning that’s happening before opening day. Think: bunk assignments, meal prep and food buying, scheduling counselors, supplies and activities, etc.  So to make sure we’re properly staffed and set up, we’re not allowing refunds. However, if you find you’re not able to use your ticket, it’s 100% transferrable. Just let us know!


Any more questions?   Shoot us a message today.